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Voice. In case you haven’t heard: it’s the future of everything. While today’s voice assistants are limited to simple tasks, soon Alexa and friends will make purchases informed by schedules and account balances, or plan vacations based on previous purchases and preferences.


The dynamic pairing of robotic efficiency and human-like empathy will bring anticipatory sophistication to an increasingly voice-activated world as consumers and artificial intelligence begin to learn each other — and dare we say, even form relationships.


This will evolve everything and everyone: the market and digital advertising landscape, expectations, traditions, culture, even our ways of life.  


While it’s a largely untapped technology full of potential for marketers, everyone is still figuring it out – nobody wants to give away secrets. This brief is not finished: much like voice itself, it’s a constantly evolving report, an iteration of what's happening before our eyes (and ears). 


Consider this an open invitation to read, process and create the future with us as we explore the technoscape of voice and its implications for the travel industry.


Are you ready?

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